Welcome to Funny Christmas Jumpers

Since 2010, our Christmas elves have been bringing you novelty Funny Christmas Jumpers to amuse your family and friends. Our Christmas Jumpers are all fully knitted - Nothing is printed on, embroidered on, sewn on, on or attached to our Christmas Jumpers in any other way - guaranteeing you the best possible quality!

Our collection of Funny Christmas Jumpers includes Santa Weeing in the snow, Snowman Carrot Willy Jumpers, Reindeer Threesome Christmas JumperPenguin Christmas Jumpers and Elf Christmas Jumpers, for both men and women.



Funny Christmas Jumpers offers you the best Christmas Jumpers around, including Humping reindeer, Santa peeing in the snow, Snowman carrot willy, Headless snowman, Penguin, Rudolph, Santa and Elf Jumpers for both Men and Women